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Vanguard-class Frigate


The Vanguard is a medium-sized frigate for escort and patrol duties. While mainly designed as an anti-fighter/bomber support vessel a small number of heavier weapon emplacements allow it to stand against smaller capital ships as well.


Constructed by KDY in collaboration with ShiCon Dynamics the Vanguard was commissioned by the ESS for doployment within wild and/or unsecured sectors to serve as both protection for trade convoys as well as patrol as long range patrols and peacekeeping, especially around 2550 when ESS borders were frequently probed by over-ambitious ex-imperial warlords hoping for a quick grab. With attacks increasing along the ESS borders, naval command decided to deploy the frigates in groups of 2 to 3, in some critical sectors even led by a Cruiser.


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Predator-class Heavy Cruiser


The Predator was the ESS' first line-produced star destroyer to form the backbone of its royal fleet. With a length of over two kilometers the Predator surpasses its imperial cousins, the Imperator I and II-class in both size and power. Like its bigger cousins, the Warhammer and Dominance, the Predator was developed as a joint R&D project between the ESS and the Corelian Empire, and was finally introduced into both Empires' fleets.


Along with the characteristic ventral hangar bay The Predator features a number of launch tubes along its lower center line to allow increased speed and and efficiency in fighter deployment. Additional lateral hangar bays are located along the ship's side trenches, inspired by early predecessors such as the Venator- and Valliant-classes.


From a combat point view the Predator is designed mainly for ship-to-ship engagements with other capital ships. Besides its countless weapon emplacements on the surface and the brim trench the Predator carries 31 heavy quad batteries designed for both frontal and broadside combat. This capship focused armament comes at the cost of a slightly less effective defense against starfighters. However, that weakness can be mitigated by the Predator's own fighter screen and accompanying escort frigates.


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Warhammer-class Heavy Cruiser


The Warhammer-Class Heavy Cruiser introduces a new generation of heavy warships to bridge the gap between 'average' capital ships and dreadnoughts. Almost six kilometers in length the Warhammer is superior to any common destroyers and cruisers, while state-of-the-art propulsion systems enable it to easily outmaneuver super-class ships.


The Warhammer has its origins in a collaboration project between Kuat Drive Yards and starship manufacturers from within the Empire of the Seven Suns, introduced around 2545 UPT. Like most heavy battlecruisers the Warhammer is designed to act as both carrier and offensive battleship. For the latter the Warhammer has been equipped with a multitude of heavy turbolaser batteries and point defense cannons as well as a complement of new prototype Omega beam arrays that enable it to perform crippling long range strikes with surgical precision.


Along with the name-giving Warhammer, three more ships were built to serve within the ESS navy: The Redeemer, the Immortal and the Ravager, the last of which gained a notorious reputation from its bold and daring Captain, who was known for his tendendy to challenge fortune and walk a thin line between daring tactical genius and recklessness - a trait which ultimately led to his personal downfall and the Ravager's destruction during the Battle of Calim.


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Dominance-Class Super-Carrier


The Dominance-Class Super Carrier is a huge fleet carrier of roughly 13km length. It was built in collaboration between the Corellian Empire and the ESS. Designed and constructed shortly after the foundation of the ESS. Adopting the design  traits of classical imperial ships like the old Vengeance- and Venator-class while incorporated with high-end ESS weapons and shield technology.


Unlike other dreadnoughts and battlecruisers of this size, the Dominance's main role is a lot less offensive. Instead the ship's main purpose is to act as a mass carrier and mobile shipyard/repair yard. For this purpose a quarter of the ship's forward hull is made up of hangars and production facilities that can hold and maintain capital ships of up to cruiser size. To defend itself and any docked ships, the Dominance relies on a powerful and near-impenetrable energy shield, which was developed using salvaged Dhilani shielding technology, as has been done on various other ESS vessels.


In addition the Dominance is equipped with the new omega array technology to augment the firepower of its normal weapons and allow for preemptive long range strikes at attacking vessels.


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Sovereign-class Battlecruiser


The Sovereign is the first of a new class of heavy ESS battlecruisers. Derived from the  more carrier-focused Dominance-class, the Sovereign's main purpose was shifted to a pure combat-oriented battlecruiser taking the role of the offensive backbone within its battlegroup.


The enormous ventral hangar and docking bay, which had made up a large portion of its predecessor’s bow section, has been closed up and reduced to a pair of functional hangar bays along the ship's ventral center line, to make space for additional armoring and weapon emplacments. Additionally the Sovereign has further been equipped with a pair of fusion cannons, which provide the ship with a substantial increase of firepower and effective combat range. These, combined with its array of Omega beam cannons make the Sovereign a serious threat to any capital ship attempting a head-on assault on the battlecruiser, while engine upgrades systems and additional armoring to the propulsion section add additional maneuverability and protection to vital systems.


The Sovereign entered service five years after shortly after the ESS' acquisition of their eastern colonies yet would not see combat until two years later at the Battle of Calim VI, where it battled a rogue ESS fleet in one of the largest multi-faction battles the galaxy had ever seen.


Name Change:

This vessel was formerly known as Sovvereign-class Battlecruiser. I've decided to change the name to avoid confusion with the equally named Dreadnought class, known from Star Wars Legends depictions. Inquisitor, meanwhile, was the original name for what is now known as the Purifyer-class.


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TIE Reaper Mk2


The TIE Reaper is a heavy Assault Fighter developed around 12 ABY. Heavily armed and with strong shields it’s fit to both dish out large amounts of damage while being able to shrug off a lot of damage punishment and accomplish its goals even under heavy fire.


The TIE Reaper sports a quartet of powerful laser cannons on the tips of its four wings plus a pair of Ion blasters to disable its targets. A pair of multi-barreled launchers can carry a payload of up to 6 warheads each. Its massive firepower, combined with a quartet of ion engines that boosts the Reaper up to 120 MGLT for fast attack runs make it a formidable weapon against larger targets such as capital ships.


Different from other TIE designs the Reaper’s interior is constructed to offer its pilot adequate space and carry sufficient supplies to support long distance flights and carrier-independent deployment far off the respective home base.


Name Change

This vessel was originally simply called 'TIE Reaper'. With the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story(tm) the creators of the movie have introduced a new craft going by the same name. Since my version is a fan-made design AND in its lore was built some 20-30ish years after the events of the classic trilogy, I have decided to relabel it as Mk-2. The fact that, like the canon TIE Reaper, it offers way more interior space than your average TIE fighter, as well as the two ships sort-of sharing similar design elements like the downward-facing pointed wings supports the idea of this being a Mark 2 from a much later period of time. So, if nobody else complains, this is how it shall be.


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TIE Vampire & TIE Vampire Mk2


The TIE Vampire is the first ship that was built in collaboration between Sienar Fleet Systems and the relatively young company ShiCon Dynamics.

Fast, agile and well balanced it is an excellent multi-role fighter. Due to its high costs, it's only reserved for the best fighter squadrons and thus has gained the reputation of being an elite fighter.


The TIE Vampire MkII is an advanced version of the TIE Vampire which is fitted with a new prototype of stealth plating known by the codename "cold skin".

Like the fictional vampire creatures that has neither measurable body temperature nor a reflection, this new technology hides the ship from both visual and biothermical scanners.


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Normandy SR2


This is the Normandy SR2, the famed Frigate commanded by Commander Shepard in Bioware's Mass Effect 2(tm). For further description, I’ll quote the ingame Codex Entry:


With elaborate secrecy, Cerberus labored for years to build a new, superior Normandy. The vehicle's many alterations required a craft nearly double the original size, requiring an even larger Tantalus drive core to compensate.

The new Normandy features greater space in living quarters, research laboratory, observation deck, and cargo bay. Its shuttle can attempt to make landings the Normandy cannot attempt. In addition to tightbeam communications, Normandy's Quantium Entanglement Communicator (QEC) provides an instantaneous contact with the Illusive Man. The Enhanced Defense functions, assisting and even supplanting human piloting. (...)


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