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This Shipset lets you replay the epic space battle over Coruscant from the opening scene of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. You take on the role of Anakin Skywalker in his Trademark Eta-2 Actis Interceptor as you battle your way through the furious battle in order to reach the CIS flagship, the Invisible hand, and save Chancellor Palpatine.


The Shipset comes as a prefetched installer, which'll guide you through the installation steps. Apart from the shipset you can also download the separate ships from the profiles below.


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Custom ship models

Venator-Class Star Destroyer


The Venator-Class Star Destroyer, also known as Republic Attack Cruiser, was constructed by Kuat Drive Yards in the course of the Clone Wars. It was the first starship in the Grand Army of the Republic that was not designed as a cargo- or troop transporter but in fact as a ship-to-ship combat vessel.


Its massive aggressive looking armoured hull can take extensive beatings, while its countless weapon emplacements are capable to punch through strong shields and thick armour without much effort.

The forward half of the cruiser is basically one huge launch bay carrying countless ships from starfighters to assault gunships, which can be released almost simultaneously with the opening of the two massive blast gates on the ship's upper hull.


Model & Textures: General_Trageton (aka. Vince-T)

Add. Textures: Matt

OPTing: General_Trageton (aka. Vince-T)


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Banking Clan Communictions Frigate


Heavily armed star frigates, originally used to carry the Mygeeto Banking Clan's proprietary communications transceivers, thus spreading the Banking clan's private communications network, and to transport their highly valuable goods between vaults and clients.


When the Clone Wars began these frigates were marked with the hexagonal insignia of the CIS and became part of the CIS fleet. During the war the Banking Clan's private network that was held up by the frigates was used for military communication and propaganda broadcasts.


Model & Textures: General_Trageton (aka. Vince-T)

OPTing: General_Trageton (aka. Vince-T)


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Trade Federation Cruiser


The Providence-class Carrier/Destroyer, also known as the Trade Federation Cruiser, is an aggressive looking ship of a roughly cylindrical shape. Picked with dozens of defensive and offensive weapons systems it is, as opposed to the bulky ex-freighter Battleships that used to make up the main part of the Trade Federation fleet in pre-clone war times, a true warship.


Originally constructed for the highest royals of the Trade Federation, the Invisible Hand was soon claimed by General Grievous and Count Dooku, when the Clone Wars began. Designed as a flagship it combines the brutal power of a warship with all the commodities that high ranking individuals such as Grievous or Dooku require.


Adding to this, the Invisible Hand has undergone many modifications, such as the spacey command center atop the tall conning spire, that make it stand out of the standard Providence-Class series.


Model & Textures: General_Trageton (aka. Vince-T)

OPTing: General_Trageton (aka. Vince-T)


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Commerce Guild Support Ship


The skeletal looking Recusant-Class destroyer was designed by and for the wealthy heads of the Commerce Guild with the original intention to build up their own private navy. When Count Dooku united the various Separatist factions the Guild's fleets were donated to the CIS' war machinery


Model & Textures: Enterprise_E

OPTing: General_Trageton (aka. Vince-T), Gringlas


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Valiant-Class Republic Cruiser


Bridging the design gap between the Acclamator and the Venator, the massive Valiant translates its focus from a mere troop ship or carrier to the actual role of an offensive combat vessel Slightly larger than the Venator its firepower greatly excedes that of the Attack Cruiser.


This model was based on a drawing by fellow XWA community member Kyle-K_ski, who challenged me to build a model of it. Kyle also provided a more detailed description and backstory, which you can find in the Readme file.


Original concept and design: Kyle_K_ski

Model & Textures: General_Trageton (aka. Vince-T)

OPTing: General_Trageton (aka. Vince-T)


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