About this mod


The Blue Phantom Project is a would-be total conversion for XWA based on an original story of mine, called The Blue Phantom Chronicles. Here you will find all the OPTs from the Project


The section is split up into parts per ship category for the sake of overview.



Small, fast and deadly vessels for one or two pilots. These OPTs are flyable by default and come with cockpit models included.

Transports & Freighters

Small to medium sized starships ranging from shuttles to freighters and corvettes. These models are partially flyable and include cockpits where applicable.

Capital Ships

Large starships with many turrets, ranging up to several kilometers in length. These ships are usually flyable but can be used for launching and landing.

Space Stations & Environment

This section contains everything static, from Space Stations, hangars to environmental objects such as planetary surfaces and surface structures.