X-Wing Alliance Modding

These are custom ship models for use in X-Wing Alliance(TM). Those that do not come as already prepared Installers, will contain .shp file for installation with MXvTEd along with further instructions.


For best performance please first download and install Darksaber's Ultimate Craft Pack (DSUCP) or the XWA Upgrade Craft Pack (XWAUCP) since these will also install game fixes required for some of these models.


XWA Upgrade Project

This mod improves the visuals of the original XWA game with higher detailed and more accurate ship models. These are my humble contributions.

Battle over Coruscant Shipset

This mod lets you play through the epic space battle from the opening sequence of Episode III. You can download the shipset as well as the individual ships.

The Blue Phantom Project

A shipset based off an original story of my own, two decades in the making. Here you can download the numerous custom designed models for XWA.

Standalone OPTs

This section contains individual OPTs not related to any of the other themes. From Custom star destroyer and fighter designs to ships from other franchises.

Hangars & Environment

Here you'll find hangars, planetary surfaces and other stuff I'm too lazy to categorize

Hosted files

This section contains OPTs and other files created by other talented artists.