XWA: Remakes


This page contains WIPs of various previously released models for X-Wing Alliance, which are in dire need of a "facelift" or complete redesign.


Note, I have once more restructured this page, combining the XWAUP and BPC models, however, I have removed those entries that have nothing to show for just yet. These have been moved to a secret section that only I have access to and will be revealed once their time has come.


The various project are not sorted by priority but rather project and below that category starting with fighters and moving to capships/stations. For a (very rough) roadmap, check the Schedule.


XWA Upgrade Project

Victory II-class Star Destroyer Remake


This one's a no-brainer since I'm already working on a VSD1 remake. Actual work on this will start once I'm done with the VSD1, as I'll be adopting the majority of the model, changing only a few key areas.


Main focus will be to revise/undo the wingless design. It's just no VSD without the wings. Instead the wings will be solid protrusions from the main hull, similarly to most depictions of the VSD in other media / games (vanilla EaW, for example).


The 3-engines layout from v1 will likely return. I've seen depictions where there are no secondary engines, which visually sets it apart from the standard ISD. I might consider doing that, too. Not sure tho


Dev notes

- Remodel engine section to a 3 engine layout.

--> Consider deleting the 4 hyper engines.


Progress updates:

2020-02-21: Modified the VSD1 wings, moving them a bit further in to make the trench inbetween a bit wider.


Space Colony II


There's numerous reasons for redoing this one - issues with my prior upgrade that utterly screamed "You can do better than that!".

First: It is TOO SMALLl!

Second: Looking back at it, I noticed various parts were lacking the Star Wars-ish look-and-feel. Which is why I decided to give the model itself a complete overhaul.


Dev notes:

- Reduce the number if interior hangar bays in the walls. Make some of them "closed"



Sovereign-class Battlecruiser v2


For the Sovereign's revision I plan more detail to the wide flat spaces and trnches as well as the superstructure on top and the engine section.

Other than that, I was sort of unhappy with how uninspired the hangar bay(s) turned out. Surely I can do better than that....


I'm also thinking about correcting the, for some reason, upward facing angle of the side trenches. But since that will totally mess with a lot of the ship, it's way down on my list.


Thoughts on a name change

This vessel has long been known as Sovereign-class Battlecruiser. I'm deliberating on whether or not to to change the name to avoid confusion with the equally named Dreadnought, known from Star Wars Legends depictions. "Inquisitor-class" would be a candidate, which however was already assigned. to a different Battlecruiser design of mine. Since that one, however is still in progress and as such not yet established, I might change that one to Purifier-class. The Dominance, meanwhile remains as is.


Dev ntoes / ToDos

- Add more details

- Add turret banks at the foot of the upper plateaus

- Maybe recycle meshes from the HD VSD trenches. (lazy solution)


Progress log

2019-08-08: Model updates to engines


Dominance-class Supercarrier


For this one - along with the general updates as stated with the Sovereign - I intend to revisit the forward hangar section, which I consider way too exposed and a structural weakness. Therefore I'm redesigning that section, reinforcing it and closing it up to a more traditional look.


Other than that I'm thinking of removing the "wings" at the rear as they would serve no real purpose on that ship and to make the ship in general more disinct from the later Sovereign.


Dev notes:

-Make sure relevant changes from the Sovereign are carried over


Progress updates:

2019-08-09: Model updates to main hull and engines. First steps on closing up the bow section.


Blue Phantom Chronicles

XT-2 Victory Series


For this one I chose not just to flesh out the details but also reimagine the ship as a whole, tackling several issues, that would not work practically and logically:


  • I've removed the missile lauchers from the fuselage and instead put them into separate compartments, allowing me to sleeken the fuselage itself and treat them as modular expansions.
  • The old VF2's engine casings were somewhat closed-up tubes with only the nacelles protruding out, making the engine section feel too massive. I have redesigned the casings casing as a layer of armor "wrapped" around the machinery parts.
  • For the cockpit, I've redesigned the canopy, adding an intersection so it could (in theory) be opened.
  • For the cannons I looked at the way I had designed them on the Piranha and built from there. The new weapons are no longer simply stuck inside the wings but have an actual casing that attaches them to the fuselage.
  • The new fins are more or less a tryout, but I kinda like them.


Next I went back to earlier designs, which featured a light version with only the two main engines. All in all the whole model is now designed as fairly modular which allows for a multitude of specialized configurations.


Dev notes:

- Add spotlights?

- Come up with a proper location for landing gears. --> Model Landing gears

- Complete cockpit model

- Can the cockpit canopy be made slimmer?

- Update engine nozzles to make sense from a mechanical PoV.

- Create connection between engines and fuselage

- Update wings on XT-20 base version

- A thought for the Mk3: This ship is way OP at the moment. Meanwhile the additional cannons within the engine casing make no sense at all. For the Revision, the heavy cannons will replace the warhead launchers (analogous to the Stealth version) and the salvaged Dhilani Engines will physically replace the modular engines ontop rather than being a mere retexture of the ship's default engines.

- Regarding the specialized versions maybe resort to a mk# naming convention. Just an idea tho....



BX-8 Assault Series


This model has already gone through numerous reiterations since its initial release, already having an almost completed OPT set with Exterior and cockpit, which would just so miss its release due to me being unhappy with the model in general - for a number of reasons:
- Odd placement of the weaponry
- wing setup, while unintended, is too similar to an X-Wing
- Overall sice is too small for a heavy attack fighter / bomber


Istead I pretty much started from scratch and reimagined the whole thing, ending up modular design with various possible configurations.


In the end I've split this up into two main versions:

- The BX-80 Dragonfly is a Bomber, carrying several warhead launchers on its lower wings. The main wings are split into two, paying hommage to the original design but giving it a look of its own - while even closer resembling an actual dragonfly.

- The BX-88 Scarab is a gunship carrying heavy long range weapons on the inside of those lower wings, which could fold in to cover the weaponry.


These new designs are a lot bigger and, while still a tad shorter than a Victory-series, they're a lot bulkier and more massive.


Dev notes:

- Scale up model according to XT-2 pilot. Should be around 5-10-ish percent bigger

- Make window frame thicker for more protection.

- Figure out a way to make those things bigger. Still kinda small.

- Create a third BX-85 dropship variant with passenger space


BR-7 Shuttle Series:

This redesign focuses on a few things, mainly adding detail and improving some weird shapes. The emphasis here lies with the cockpit. In hindsight, the huge windows make it look more like a fighter than a transport and not only diminish the feeling of scale but also are structural weaknesses, which I'd like to get rid of. Also the cockpit interior uses up a lot of space for no reason, which is why I'm moving the rear wall forward to line up just behind the side windows.


Apart from that I want to revise the main fuselage as well as the shape of the engines, which look a bit too atmospheric at the moment.


I'm currently reworking that lower section, where the two booster engines are attached. Firstly they kinda look like a pair of hydrogen boosters ductaped to the underside. My idea here is to have them integrate better into the overall shape, drawing some inspiration from the GT-series' modded engines.


Dev notes

- Add details to underside.

- Complete machinery in add-on engines.

- Improve the wing shapes

- Add fixed landing gears below main engines

- Add retractable landing gear below cockpit (Location of old entry hatch).

- Idea: Try reshaping side thrusters less round and more rectangular. (not sure 'bout this one)


Thoughts on changing the naming system: Aligning with the GT and CS series I may change the Model number system so the standard version is reduced to BR-... whereas the 'X' is an indicator for a combat oriented variant and '/S' would be used for a stealth version. This could result in configurations such as

BR-70 Shuttle

BRX-70/S Barracuda/Blue Phantom

BRX-75/S Black Scorpion


Still considering to turn the Barracuda into a completely different ship. Might go with the design for that Sinicyan Yacht...


Progress updates

2020-03-08: Redesigned the uppoer engines once again, decreasing their size and bringing them in line with the lower engines. Made numerous tweaks to the main fuselage and wings to blend them into each other.

2019-12-04: Redesigned the modular engines to look less pipey. Redesigned the engine base to serve as housing for the weapon mods. Relocated the weapon mods to the new housings so they wouldn't just stick out of the fuselage.

2019-09-28: Redesigned main engines

2019-09-22: Remodelled the main fuselage decreasing the window size, shortened the cockpit interior behind the seats to allow for more "actual" interior space.

2019-07-30: Replaced old weapon meshes with HD meshes (DIPs derived from Victory Series)


Patriot Frigate Mk-2


One of my earlier capship releases for X-Wing Alliance I found it to lack some detail for today's standards so eventually went at it again and, deriving from textures, fleshed out certain areas of significance. That was the beginning of it ....


Dev notes

WIth the SE conversion and also while working on an actual interior model I realized that the ship is actually too small for its shapes, be it the rear fighter pods or the bridge tower. While it could work it would yet be as cramped as a submarine, which isn't the way I picture most of my ships. I've therefore given it a try, increasing its size by 33% - from about 300m to about 400m. Seeing how it's already one of the smallest capital ships, I believe this change well within reason.


- Idea: Move hangar pods to a lower position beside the ship.

--> Problem: Forward section well obstruct during take-off and land.

- Idea 2: Mirror modular hangar pods vertically so there's 2 on either side.

-- Remodel the arms so they extend horizontally instead of pointing upwards.

- Idea 3: Open up the hangars' rear

--> Too BSG-esque?

- Turrets need remodelling

- Reconsider the round thingies at the sides of the front module. Those sort-of break out of the overall design language

- Review placement of windows, move up/down to create distinctive decks.

- Clean up hull plating at the sides, bit too much atm. Make more subtle.

-- Also maybe reduce the number of windows, link to Inferno Cruiser design.

- Make bridge tower thicker. Too thin right now. Structural weakness!

- Idea: Reshape Forward hangar section.

-- model actual hangar, make opening wider across the entire square

-- Get rid of those "triangles" on both sides and draw inspiration from Space Engineers version. Maybe add turrets on either side for protection.


The Seraphim


The Seraphim was one of the first models for which I decided to make a HD revision. For this I did not only flesh out certain areas to add more details but also completely redesign certain parts.


One such part is the entire engine block, which I always found somewhat chopped off when compared to the flowing shape of the rest of the ship. For the revision I added a good 100 meters to make it fit with the rest of the ship's design.


Further more I upgraded the ship's primary weapon system. Where the old Seraphim had a somewhat unspectacular 3-barreled heavy cannon, that one has been replaced by a huge mass driver cannon running along a quarter of the ship's bow plus a pair of heavy beam cannons along the ship's sides.


Dev notes

- Make adjustments to Engine naceles

--> Redesign or get rid of those girders

--> Rethink engine glow color (blue, cyan, purple?)

- Partially undo the closing up of the main cannon's emplacement.

- Idea: Hollow-out the side "beams". Place turrets at their tips.

- Reconsider the forward "bombardment array" - kinda pointless and limited?

--> Replace with actual turrets?

- Maybe reduce the number of windows at the bridge module. Create a dedicated bridge section that doesn't span the the entire block

- Move hangar interior further down

- Reconsider bow headlights

- Maybe tone down the details of the actual hull plating, that can still be done with textures. Focus details on actual greeblies and objects that actually stand out (turrets etc.).



Phoenix-class Battlecruiser


A design almost as old as that of the Patriot Frigate. Although the model already was by far more detailed than the initial sketches, looking at it fully textured I felt like there could be more of it, so I went ahead and fleshed out further details.


This ship may yet face a more substancial design change. First and most of all I'm thinking of alter the alignment of the wings. Right now they're pointing downward so the lower surface is plain while the upper surface is sloped down. I may change that so both sides are sloped at the same angle.


Next I am thinking of reshaping the midship section. With the exception to their fighters, Shicon Dynamics ships have always featured a certain angular, sort-of hexagonal shape. To keep within this design, I alter the shape of the armored sides to reflect this rather than being round. I have yet to test this to determin whether it's a course I want to pursue.


Dev Notes:

- Idea: Rework wing shape so they're no longer oriented downward

- Add forward slopes/protrusions to front of the wings (adopt from SE version) Can serve as platforms for heavy turrets

- Idea: Combine Phoenix & Furion designs (or turn that into the Brigon)

- Remodel the rounded mid section to better match the design language. More angular, like the CSX and GT series.

- Maybe tone down the details of the actuall hull plating, that can still be done with textures. Focus details on actual greeblies and objects that actually stand out (turrets etc.).


Notes regarding the A25/C Brigon have been moved to a separate article.


Inferno-class Cruiser


Another ancient design of mine, dating back to a drawing I did in (roughly) 11th grade. With the HD remake I intend to not only flesh out some of the details but also incorporate some elements that did not make it from the drawing to the model in the first place. I'm further diverging from the original design by increasing the areas covered by the outer armor layer for the sake of protection.


Dev notes

- Determine where to put the bridge module - ontop or below?

- Align the edges of the lateral armor "hole" with the other angles.


Update history


Update to bow section: Reshaped the rectangular part at the front to fit in line with the hexagonal shape of the nose. This part always looked too blocky. Also this way I can add more details in line with the overal design.

A thought: As more of an experiment I created additional plating to cover the exposed bottom section with the 3 heavy turrets. Either keep it or maybe turn that into a totally new carrier-like design.




Raptor-class Frigate


That remake is older than some of my current non-HD ships. In fact, if you look closely you may find that ships like the Seraphim are actually using parts of the HD-Raptor's neck section. Yup, I'm that lazy!


Dev notes:

- Idea: Reduce the height of the hangar opening, to match with the side cavities.

--> OR move it downward the the slope below, for better protection.

- Add bits of protective armore to the neck section (see Space Engineers version)

- Make lower spines shorter

- Devise some sort of protection for that forward facing hangar.

- Replace Warhead launchers with turrets.



SBC Warrior


A HD-Remake of the old XWA model, based on texture details and various other ideas. For this one I have quite some revamping in mind....


First and foremost I was kinda unhappy with the way the 'side trenches' looked, since they were somewhat repetitive and didn't really reflect the ship's enormous size. I eventually ended up extending some of the trenches and creating a sort-of open space inbetween the upper and lower halfs of the ship - slightly inspired by the Resurgent-class Star Destroyers from the new Star Wars Trilogy.


I would also remove the lower hangar and moved it to a recessed spot amid this deck. As it turned out, the space was exactly the right size to feature the full size hangar model, that's been released as a replacement hangar for quite some time.


Dev notes


- Generally: Break or obscure long straight lines

- Extend Trenches in first wide area backwards towards the wings section.

- Relocate Fusion cannon to a less exposed, possibly interior-mounted spot. I could imagine having 2 cannons to to either side of the bow.

- Add connectors/pillars to interior section, these could serve as spots for turrets.

- Make that "ribbed" midship section less repetitive, bring more diffusion into the model to ephasize its scale.


Ideas for Hangar(s):

- Connect side hangars

- OR: rotate forward and move to the inside of the interior section for protection.

- OR: Add a third, forward-facing hangar and connect the three in a main hub.

- Maybe add a few more smaller hangars.

- What to do with old ventral main hangar? Maybe remove that one completely. That spot could also be used for the relocated fusion cannon.

- What to do with old dorsal hangar. Never really liked the execution of that one.

- Theoretical mechanics question: How do the blastdoors for the internal maintenance bays open/close? Remodel if necessary. Maybe draw inspiration from the Space Engineers version.