OPTs in Progress

Here's a selection of OPTs for XWA in progress..

Note: unlike previous versions of this section I've decided to show all WIP images as they are without any touch-ups or would-be Artworks. The images are captured right from OPTech.


BPC: Sinicyan Crimson Countess


The Crimson Countess is a destroyer / border patol ship featuring a number off medium turrets plus a main cannon that allows it to pick of smaller ships at long range. This model is somewhat representative for the people of Sinix, sporting the traditional pale red paintjob found on many Sinician vessels.

BPC: FX-40 Intrepid-class Frigate


I grew fond of the designs for ships like the CSX-600 or the GT-5000, thus went to push things further with an actual capital ship.


The FX-40 is Shicon Dynamics' frigate class. Like its smaller equivalents it favors speed and maneuverability over firepower, allowing it to easily outmaneuver most other ships.

BPC: Delta TX-1 Battlemaiden


This armed yacht is another of those models I made, based one a very old sketch I made. I think the original sketch was supposed some design for the later SBCR Warrior but was discarded for the time being when the actual SBC came out, only to be repurposed years later.


The Delta TX-1 is a prototype vessel combining luxury standards and combat-worthiness. About 70 meters in length it offers a high level of comfort while parallelly packing quite a massive punch. Like some other ESS ships the Delta TX-1 combines standard military designs with the sleek and organic elegance of Dhilani vessels.


Lore-wise this could become the personal ship of Vince Trageton after passing his old ship, the Barracuda, on to his daughter.

BPC: Ascension-class Battlecruisers


The Ascension is a heavy cruiser and carrier, sporting massive weaponry and extensive hangar space to host a large number of starfighters, bombers and gunships.


It's been first UPMF-commissioned warship after almost twenty years of stagnation. Granting the UPA their individual traits and designs the ESS leadership provided the resources and technical know-how in order to upgrade the slightly worn UPMF fleet. Looking back on the success of both the Warrior- and Phoenix-class UPMF cruisers, R&D under junior chief designer Cay Montarin created a heavy cruiser bridging the gap between the two aforementioned.


Its size and power along with state-of-the-art technology make the Ascension a formidable warship capable of standing its ground within a quickly growing galaxy.


BPC: The Mirage


The model was derived from WIP state of teh SBS Traquia. Originally named Medusa due to the snake-head like bridge module I wouldn't figure out what to do with it actually until I recalled a pretty old concept of mine, going back to pre-online-days - as well as a decoy tactic used during one of the battle threads. Thus came the new name and purpose:


The Mirage is a Cruiser of about 1.4km length. Using a series of mass proejctors and high performance hologram projector it is able to project an image of the much larger SBS Traquia around itself and thus act as decoy.


Time-wise I picture the ship somewhat around the same time that the Ascension was built, a bit later maybe.

BPC: Sinician Empress-class Dreadnought


The massive Empress-class was designed and built after the fatal failure of losing the Inferno II to the renegade Task Force Warrior. The hige dreadnought measures almost three kilometers from bow to stern andwas built under joined efforts by Sinician, Khetarian and Briceran engineers and also incorporating advanced technology from captured Cophuranee and Dhilani vessels. In hindsight building this ship was considered by many to have been an act of desparation.


Origin / idea

This model, like the aforementioned Delta TX1 evolved from a rather early ship design.

BPC: Gamma-14 Serpent


Origin / idea:

This one resulted from me recreating an old sketch of a freighter. Said sketch actually became the ship's canopy. Like the other transports I also started to flesh out this one from the inside. This one turned out a bit tricky though, as its entry hatch is located quite high above the ground, requiring a less than standard boarding ramp. Still working on it.

Models in Progress


These WIPs haven't made it to OPTing just yet, as the models themselves are still in progress.


BPC: Riquanee Armadillo


The PS-42 Armadillo is a heavy gunship of approx. 80m length. A small flying fortress, large enough to carry a small strike force and enough firepower and adequate armoring to hold its ground against superior opposition, making up for its less than average speed and maneuverability.


Labeled a Gunship it can well serve as a mobile command center in situations or locations less suitable for capital ships.


Origin / Idea

I didn't really know what I was going for when I started this model. In fact it went through quite a few revisions that impacted its overall shape. Soon though I realized that this was asking to be a really heavy armored transport that also held a few surprises. I think I'm on the right path.


BPC: Riquanee Hammerhead


The Hammerhead is a small armed freighter, used mainly by pirate and mercenary groups. It's become most popular among the Riquanee pirates terrorizing the trade route nexus near the planet Haerolon.


Idea / Origin

The design evolved from an early prototype for th Armadillo, which I just picked up a few days earlier. While I first thought to scrap the design I then rethought and instead decided to stick to the design and turn it into a ship of equal origin. In the end there's a total of three ships coming out of that prototype - a gunboat, an assault transport and a corvette, each linked to the Riquanee Pirates. Problem solved, yay!

BPC: R22 Banshee Gunship


Constructed as troop transport for police and security forces the R22 was designed to perform well especially in strongly populated urban areas of Khetaris' megatropolis. To achieve this, Chicono Engineering designed the vessel's thrusters to rotate freely and independently around the ship's X-axis, which allows for very quick turns, stops and evasions.


Although commissioned by the Khetarian government, the transport soon found its way to corporate militia and organized mercenary groups.


Origin / Idea

The model was originally inspired by the profile of a high speed train. I added more and more parts over time, hence the kind of patched-together look of it.

BPC: X4 Mosquito


The Mosquito is a carrier based short range fighter used by Khetarian coroporate militia and police forces to provide local escort to freight convoys and navigate within the narrow city ravines of Khetaris. The vessel is by far the smallest of its class, packing the combat capabilities of a snubfighter into a frame barely larger than a hoverspeeder.


Its modular rotary thrusters allow the Mosquito to almost instantly change direction or perform strafing runs while maintaining its course. Armed with only a pair of plasma blasters due to official regulations the Mosquito is yet often found to carry aftermarket missile upgrades.


Origin / Idea

- The idea for this one was to have a really small, almost claustrophobic fighter-type ship matching the modular pod-like design language of the Khetarian vessels.