HD Remakes

Some of the designs I made ar really old and I figured some of those deserve a facelift - literally. So here we go, let's squeeze in as much detail as we can shall we?

BPC: Patriot Frigate Mk-2


One of my earlier capship releases for X-Wing Alliance I found it to lack some detail for today's standards so eventually went at it again and, deriving from textures, fleshed out certain areas of significance. That was the beginning of it ....


BPC: The Seraphim


I fell in love with ship the moment it was completed, due to its form and looks. And I knew early that I wanted to exploit this ship from both a story and design point of view. So I'm going at it now.



PBC: Phoenix Cruiser


design almost as old as that of the Patriot Frigate. Although the model already was by far more detailed than the initial sketches, looking at it fully textured I felt like there could be more of it, so I went ahead and fleshed out further details. Still doing and far from finished.


BPC: Inferno-class Cruiser


Another ancient design of mine, dating back to a drawing I did in (roughly) 11th grade. With the HD remake I intned to not only flesh out some of the details but also incorporate some elements that did not make it from the drawing to the model in the first place.


BPC: SBC Warrior


A HD-Remake of the old XWA model, based on texture details and various other ideas. For this one I have quite some revamping in mind, especcially regarding the "side trenches"


Dhilani Trident

Revise Shape: Cut out parts of the saucer section to make it look like an arrowhead.


Dhilani Mammoth

Revise Shape: The current shape is a fatal flaw leaving large portions of the interior uncovered. Use Bow from the Warbird and then cut out holes inside the saucer section to allow a more protected hangar.


Idea: Combine the two ships' designs and eliminate the redundant mammoth completely.


XWA Upgrade Remakes


XWA Upgrade: Victory-class Star Destroyer v2


Along with adding more detail and some higher resolution textures, there are a few things I think need attention.


The main thing here is that the hull isn't perfectly plane which may lead to some weird shading effects, so this upgrade will mainly be about cleaning up that mess.


Apart from that I'm basically revoking the old philosophy of including greebles into texxtures. So the idea is to make anything that is 3D in textures into an actual 3D object, at least to some degree.


Dev notes

- Move wing section further inward. Add the actual joint bits.

- Idea: Could this work with S-Foil mechanics?

- Idea: Try to match the shape of the "nose" bit of the bridge with that of the Venator/Valiant-class

- Idea: Move main engines a bit further apart, the whole block seems kinda cramped.

- Rework that warhead launchbay in the center, looks weird!


XWA Upgrade: Space Colony II v2


There's numerous reasons for redoing this one - issues with my prior upgrade that utterly screamed "You can do better than that!".

  1. It is TOO SMALLl!
  2. Looking back at it, I noticed various parts were lacking the Star Wars-ish look&feel. Which is why I decided to give the model itself a complete overhaul.


XWA Upgrade: Victory II-class Star Destroyer v2

No concrete plans so far, but it'll likely happen as I'm making progress with the VSD1. I might rethink the "wingless"-design at some point. I've seen a model on DeviantArt where there were no pair of wings on each side but instead the wings were solid protrusions from the main hull, kinda like with my Predator SD or various other Legends ships like the Harrow-class.

Other Remakes

Sovereign-class Battlecruiser v2


For the Sovereign's revision I plan more detail to the wide flat spaces and trnches as well as the superstructure on top and the engine section.

Other than that, I was sort of unhappy with how uninspired the hangar bay(s) turned out. Surely I can do better than that....


I'm also thinking about correcting the, for some reason, upward facing angle of the side trenches. But since that will totally mess with a lot of the ship, it's way down on my list.


Dominance-class Supercarrier


For this one - along with the general updates as stated with the Sovereign - I intend to revisit the forward hangar section, which I consider way too much of a structural weakness by now. Therefore I'll reinforce or maybe even completely redesign that section.


Other than that I'm thinking of removing the "wings" at the rear as they would serve no real purpose on that ship and to make the ship in general more disinct from the later Sovereign.


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