Space Engineers Setpieces

These are some huge builds, way too big for their own good....

Seraphim-class Battlecruiser (Scale 1:1)


The Seraphim was the first ship ever I attempted to recreate in Space Engineers, with mixed results. It took more than one attempt to get it right and to scale - just to realize a 1:1 scale version with full interior would be gamebreaking. So I left that one as a setpiece and went for a 0.5 scale version.


I'm still keeping the 1:1 scale version around and am likely going to flesh that one out a bit more to act more of a set piece rather than a flyable ship. Will post screens of that one at some point :)


Dev notes:

- Add more detail to exterior model

- Flesh out set pieces from story episodes:

-- Bridge

-- Hangar

-- Captain's Quarters

-- Detention Center


Praetorian-class Carrier (Scale 0.6:1)


The first port of this one to Space Engineers is a nice looking performance killer. Scaled at around 60% I had hoped to make it fully explorable, yet had to face reality fairly soon that at that scale it wasn't playable with a sim speed beyond 20%.


So for now I'll convert that one into a set piece, meaning clear out all the interior safe for a few exceptions - bridge, hangar, etc.


Dev notes

- Recolor parts blackened by the change of ingame color palette system.
- Reduce Interior to set pieces

-- Bridge

-- Hangar

Titan-class Battleship (Scale 0.3:1)


The Space Engineers port is still a work in progress. This build is scaled down to 50% of its original size (and still I need to think of how I can improve performance. 


This is also the first time I'm using mods, namely the Battlecannon mod to better resemble the original model's heavy cannon emplacements.


While working on the ship I eventually came up with a weird but interesting idea for the lower "tower". Since the ship itself is kinda skeletal and that part in particular is only connected with a few blocks I had the idea ofr making it disconnectable to act either as a ship of its ow or a sort-of command pod that could be dropped into a planet's gravity and then be deployed as a prefab base. So now, while the ship can hold itself up to about 0.8G it can now drop the command pod whose fall is subsequently stopped by a set of parachutes which also serve to turn the module in mid air to land on its "feet".


Dev notes:

- Recolor parts blackened by the change of ingame color palette system.

- Add more color variation

- Complete Crew Deck

- Performance improvements:

-- Close off unnecessary areas, reduce to set pieces

-- Simplify conveyor system

SBC Warrior (Scale 0.1:1)


The Iteration for Space Engineers is probably one of the most radical ones of all my ports, since I had to rescale the entire model down to 10% of its original size to make it even remotely playable. At the same time I wanted to keep certain set pieces as true to the original as possible, which, among other things resulted in the bridge module being "slightly" out of scale to the rest of the ship. I'm trying to streamline the whole thing to make it look somewhat ok.


Click here for details

Phoenix-class Battlecruiser (scale 0.3:1)


Same story as with most other big WIPs. Even though scaled down to a third of its size this one is still huge, which is why I've also started a smaller version to have something flyable. A 1:1 scale version is, at this point, out of question.


Dev notes

- Close off funcion

- One central blastdoor between hangars

- Staircases in blastwalls

Inferno-class Cruiser (Scale 0.5:1)


This one's going to be interesting to make. Size-wise the build is about as big as the 0.5:1-scale Seraphim though a lot bulkier... There goes the sim speed I guess.


Dev notes:

- Complete model

The Inferno II (Scale 0.3:1)


This one's fairly old, from a time where I didn't fully understand the game mechanics, which shows in the way it's been built. Still a long way out until release....


Dev notes:

- Revise interior

- Update Scripts

Sinicyan Matriarch Battlecruiser (scale 0.25:1)


Not sure how this one is going to turn out. Interior is still in an early stage.


The forward facing "wings" are pretty much just gyrosphere farms with some conveyors for weapon placement. The actual interior takes place in the midship section, revolving around the various hangar bays. For design aesthetics I'm thinking of leaving parts of the machinery sections semi-open and un-vented. Whether or not I'll make them accessible I have not yet decided, I'm already getting lost inside as it is.


Dev notes:

- Rework lift system, it's way too confusing atm.

SBS Traquia (Scale 0.1:1)


Heh well, not sure if that'll ever happen. At least not on any fancy scale. I'm trying my luck at a 0.1 scale setpiece of 1.38km lenght which would be in scale for the SBC Warrior port. As you can see I have just lined out the overal size box and already the game engine is giving me nightmares..... Gah!


Should try 0.05 scale I suppose....

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