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Same as the OPT WIPs just for Space Engineers. Stuff I am or have been working on to be released on the Steam Workshop at some point.


Seraphim-class Battlecruiser (Scale 0.5:1)


The Seraphim was the first ship ever I attempted to recreate in Space Engineers, with mixed results. It took more than one attempt to get it right and to scale - just to realise a 1:1 scale version with full interior would be gamebreaking. So I left that one as a setpiece and went for a 0.5 scale version.


So, for this one I can finally go crazy on the interior. Since the ship has - lorewise - been in parts designed and constructed by a deranged AI I kinda picture its interior like a mad scientist's fever dream, dark, claustrophobic, almost like the guts of some infernal beast, easy to get lost in. However, since the AI's degrading was a process over time, parts of teh shpi will still be juuuuust fine.


Dev notes:

- Find out where that atmosphere leak in the back comes from!

- Derive the correct color tone from XWA textures

- Improve performance:

-- Reduce lighting in maintainance sections. Light emitted from machinery should be sufficient.

-- Reduce some of the crawlspaces

-- Get rid of rotors in reactor chamber. [DONE]

-- Make "functional" areas (engines, gyroscope farms, etc.) inaccessible

-- Try to reduce conveyor system complexity:

- Add more weapons

- Consider replacing battle cannons with mexpex weapon mod.

--> Replace Little David with Tellion batteries?


Hangar Redesign:
- Add collectors to hangar bay, link to refineries before transport to cargobay

- OR: Add collectors to upper deck, either near the landing pad or the forward production section (maybe around the forward airlock....).


Inferno-class Cruiser (Scale 0.3:1)


(Image is a placeholder)

While I've started an already scaled down version long ago, I figured it would not be working properly as a playable ship due to its size. Therefore I've created an even further scald-down version which should be properly useable.


Dev notes:

- finalize lighting

- Add details to those big rooms


Harker-class Frigate (Scale 1:1)


This one has gone through numerous iteration, one of which spawned a totally new ship of its own. The model itself was based off a WIP for the Sinicyan Empress-class Dreadnought which never got too far in development (kinda fitting to its lore story XD)


Dev notes:

- Rethink the various interior areas, lots of wasted space.

- Optimize Lighting

- Make fin inaccessible (or only via a small maintenance port).

- Add Decoy block to fin

- Make sure ship is refuelable
- Convert Ops-Lobby to CIC / Battle Bridge, add protection.

- Replace small grid holotable with DLC-block.

- Use either Mexpex or Battle Cannons mod to replace weapons.


The Crimson Countess (Scale 0.5:1)


The Sinician Countess Destroyer is something of a hidden predator. While its outward appeareance suggests it to be a frigate or area superiority vessel, a half concealed heavy mass driver cannon on its ventral side provides it with a powerful weapons that can easily tear through the shields of enemy vessels. A small lateral hangar bay offers space for a small number of fighters for additional cover.


This is a 0.5 scale port of the original model. I'm aactually quite happy with how it turned out shape-wise. The interior is still a work in progress.


Dev notes:

- Complete lighting in Engineering section (Side Rooms)

- Complete lighting in Production plant

- Complete lighting in Lower Cargo Hub

- Setup program blocks

-- Ship Diagnostics

-- Automatic LCDs

-- Artificial Horizon

-- Door Closer

- Create Mess Hall furniture

- Create Dormitory furniture

- Complete Battle Bridge Console


Progress updates:

2019-08-03: Implemented DLC blocks within mess hall and crew quarters


Praetorian-class Carrier (Scale 0.3:1),


Since the 0.5 scaled version is beyond playable, I've started on a fresh start with a 0.3 scale version to see if I can make it work properly. I mean come on, 250m should be feasible to run....


For this revision I've also developed the idea that basically the entire lower portion of the ship would be a vast cargo/production area, connected to the hangar.


Dev notes:

- Add heavy armor to critical areas

- Scripts & display setups

- Complete Lighting

- Reduce some of the crawlspaces to improve performance

- Revise Medbay layout, make smarter use of space

- Add deco blocks for details

- Finalize lockdown mechanics

- Add a self destruct?


Phoenix-class Battlecruiser (Scale 0.19:1)


Like other entries, this is a further scaled down version to allow any form of playability. For this one I have tried a bit of re-shaping for the wing section, incorporating an idea I had for the model revision.


Dev notes:

- Flesh out Engineering section

- Add Heavy Armor bits

- Flesh out Production section

- Flesh out crew quarters

- Add weapons

- Apply more interesting colors

SBS Traquia (Scale 0.05:1)


OK with the 0.1:1 version being a fail, let's try something more pc-friendly. I've started on a new one scaling it down by another 50%. With almost 700m it's still a humungous ship but may therefore turn out playable.


For this build I've decided to use some weapon mods, especially to emulate the devastating fusion cannons, for which I'm using the atlas superlaser mod.


Dev notes:

- Finish model duh!

- Not convinced this will work as a playable craft. Probably recllassify it as setpiece.


Revision: Patriot Frigate 2 (Scale 1:1)


An old build that could do with some revising.


Dev notes:

- close off/reduce "arms" section, reserve for conveyors and make accessible only for repairs.

- use heavy armor for critical/thin sections.

- Add CIC for combat

- Idea: Mirror modular hangar vertically so there's 2 on either side. Remodel the arms so they extend horizontally instead of pointing upwards.

- Make ship atmosphere-capable (somehow....)


PL-58 Corporate Cruiser (Scale 1:1)


This was one of my first large builds in Space Engineers, to get to learn the ropes. With no speciffic reference in mind, just going by the general ShiCon Dynamics design traits I came up with a design somewhere between a Trinity-Corvette and a Phoenix Cruiser.


The first iteration was named PL-58 Erebus, though over time I became unsatisfied with the weird and impractical interior layout so I pretty much gutted the thing leaving only the outer hull and started over fresh.


Dev notes:

- Idea: Make upper deck "rounder"

- Flesh out Engineering section

- Flesh out Production section

- Flesh out crew quarters

- Add weapons

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