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Dhilani Tha-12 Sentinel


The Dhilani Sentinel is a light and agile atmospheric fighter used by the Dhilani Empire as a fast patrol craft or scout on occupied worlds. Its speed, agility and an armament consisting of 2 gattling guns and a pair of missile launchers make it an dangerous foe to face. Further more a forward mounted camera allow for precision aiming. This, combined with an array of underhull lights and seach lights enable it to be deployed for nighttime assaults as well.

Reactors and weapons can be refilled by a pair of access containers on top of the ship. All relevant features are linked to the hotbar so the ship is ready for combat.


Available via Steam Workshop


D22 Raptoad


Kind of a random thing that resulted from me messing around.

The D-22 Raptoad is a light to medium recon fighter, armed with a pair of gattling guns and rocket launchers. It's capable of planetary flight and does handle quite nicely withinn a planets gravity. That's pretty much all there's to say about this one. Like I said, was just messing around.

The model is completely mod-free.


Available via Steam Workshop