Space Engineers Builds


A sandbox space building game still in Beta phase, developed by Keen Software House Space Engineers has gathered quite a dedicated community of followers and content creators. Eventually it drew me in as well, seeing as I was finally able to recreate my various designs in a way that I could not only fly around them and blow them up but actually set foot aboard them and explore them in all their glory ...


Well almost. As it turns out, building a 14km long dreadnought with full interior isn't something I see happening anytime soon....


Note: For simplicity reasons I've merged the pages for large and small grids. You can find the small grids section further down. (Note to self: add anchor!)


Large Grids

Praetorian-class Carrier (Scale 1:3)


The bulky Praetorian is a sturdy and powerful vessel. Originally designed as a heavy duty freighter, it was soon repurposed to serve as carrier or command cruiser within the KCL's Corporate Forces. Being a non-military-sanctioned commission the Praetorian is also found in less populated sectors, serving local militia forces as mobile base of operations.


Thanks to its large hangar and adjacent maintenance bay, the Praetorian can carry and maintain a large complement of fighters and utility vehicles. Its weaponry is comprised of a number of heavy cannons as well as a large number of defensive point defense turrets.


This build is a 1:3 scaled replica of my original version for X-Wing Alliance. Slight modifications have been made to benefit its use in Space Enginers. I've added the rear hangar entrance and greatly increased the number of weapons. The ship was originally designated as a dreadnought however, I've tweaked some of its origin story over the years and, as it's a non-military vessel, labeled it a carrier instead.


  • Fully connected and pressurized, survival-ready-ish (no planetary flight)
  • Lockdown mechanics for all critical areas
  • Full Red Alert & General Lockdown system
  • 4 Airlocks with pressurization mechanics
  • Fully airtight hangar Airlock system with 2 gates front & back
  • Numerous collectors and connectors inside and outside the hangar
  • Auto-Repair system in critical areas
  • Various Display scripts and timer presets


Available via Steam Worksop


Principal-class armed Freighter (Scale 1:1)


This ship is an armed Freighter of roughly 150m length. Sluggish but sturdy it is used by Corporations to haul sizable freight of value and/or to escort freight convoys across unsafe territory.


This build is a 1:1 scale recreation of the original model I've created X-Wing Alliance, with a few minor alterations. As such I have addedd a blastdoor and boarding ramp to the hangar bay so it can not only hold a small fighter but also some kind of land vehicle. I slightly reduced the number of weapons for connectivity and balance purposes. Also, the freight space, while considerable, is not as massive as it 'could' be since the engineering section does require a bit of space.


The ship is survival ready and atmosphere capable even on high gravity worlds, using a combination of hydrogen, ion and atmospheric thrusters, and features a set of landing gears on pistons, which would (theoretically) allow it to level out on uneven terrain. I've also made it as lightweight as possible to limit the fuel consumption during Thruster burn upon leaving planets.



  • Fully connected and pressurized, survival ready
  • Depression, gate and boarding ramp mechanics for Hangar
  • Various Display scripts and timer presets
  • Red Alert & Self Destruct sequence


Available via Steam Worksop


Note regarding the name: The ship used to go by the name 'Liberator-class Corvette' - the name under which I had released it years back for X-Wing Alliance. I've chosen to change the name as it no longer reflects the ship's background and purpose.


Stalwart-class Destroyer (Scale 1:1)


This build is a 1:1 scale recreation of the original model, with a few changes and modifications. First I have cut down on the number of weapons, this one is still a beast! Next, I've added two thruster packs to both sides of the ship's main engine section, a requirement as otherwise the ship would be quite sluggish. Finally, I've widened the bridge module to allow for some reasonable space within without sacrificing too much protection.


The ship is atmosphere capable even on high gravity worlds, although not designed to actually touch down. It used to have landing gear in an earlier stage however the actual way in and out through that bit of superstructure kinda felt off to me. So no landing. Still, it's great used to bomb targets below.



+ Fully connected and pressurized Interior
+ Sealable Battle Bridge with periscope control
+ Intrusion Detection System on all airlocks
+ Lockdown and Depressuration mechanics for Hangar, Cargo Bay and Reactor Core
+ 3 Lighting Setups: Lights on, backup lights, Red Alert
+ Self Destruct sequence


Avaiilable via the Steam Workshop


CSX-600 A Trinity-class Recon Corvette (Scale 1:1)


This is a Space Engineers port of the CSX-600 Corvette available for XWA. I have kept the design and shape mostly true to the original, though I had to clip part of the wings and remove the upper fins, as both served no purpose within the SE engine and would only increase the ship's weight. I also had to reduce the ship's weaponry for the sake of directional steering thrusters.


The ship is capable of atmospheric flight and landing even on high gravity worlds, although its vertical thrusters ar mainly designed to keep it at a stable altitude rather than provide upward thrust. Therefore atmospheric handling feels like that of a jetplane, also requiring the Trinity touch down down on flat terrain rather than rugged mountains.


Available via Steam Wokshop




- Added windows to crew area

- Various script updates


Maiden II-class Explorer (Scale 1:1)


The Sinicyan Maiden II is a medium sized exploration vessel designed for long distance travel and sector presence establishment. For this purpose it carries a wing of auxillary vessels such as Miners, Repair Craft and Fighters. 


The Maiden is only lightly armed and thus not designed for combat. Instead it is equipped with powerful set of engines and excellent maneuverability to quickly get out of trouble. Capable of atmospheric transit its downward facing hangar bay doors allow it to quickly deploy fighters, deliver personnel or drop off supplies to allied outposts.


Available via Steam Workshop




- Major model updates to exterior and interior

- Recoloring to match upddated game palettes

- Updated engine setup to include atmospheric thrusters

- Updated lighting setup

- Updated various scripts

Raptor-class Corporate Frigate (Scale 1:2)


The Raptor-class Frigate is a scaled down port of the equally named OPT for XWA. Measuring around 200m it is a third of the size of the old version (600m), respectively about half the size of the new version (400m).


The most obvious deviatoins to the original are the 'spikes' atop and below the side engine blocks. I have shortened them significantly as they would only add weight and and unnecessary expose the weapon emplacements without adding too much to their firing arc. With the lower spikes acting as landing struts, I have added another pair of weapon spikes to both sides of the head module and further added a line of armored ribs to protect the vulnerable neck.


The model is capable of atmospheric flight. While its hydrogen thrusters are well able to pull is weight inside gravity, it also features a set of parachutes that will effectively break its fall in case of an emergency.


The ship's center line is lined with a large number of gattling guns, creating an effective defensive screen against incomingg missiles and smaller ships.


Another feature is the semi-self destruct function, which will detonate a set of explosives near the jump drives in the back of the ship, which, when coupled with the jump drive critital explosion mod, will cause a massive explosion and a dense cloud of shrapnell, allowing the by then sealed-off front half to make a quick escape.


Available via Steam Workshop



- 2018-10-25: Updated various scripts

Patriot II-class Frigate (Scale 1:1)


The Space Engineers port is a 1:1 scale conversion of the Patriot Mk2 model.

The ship is semi-survival ready as with some of the gattling turrets requiring manual reloading. Apart from that it features a redundant production system to produce said ammo.



+ Fully connected and pressurized Interior
+ Lockdown and Depressuration mechanics for Hangar, Cargo Bay and Reactor Core
+ Self Destruct sequence


Available via Steam Workshop


An updated version is currently in progress.


Delta-19 Basilisk (Scale 1:1)


The Basilisk is a Light frigate-type ship of roughly 150m in length, continuing my line of light capital ships started with the Gamma-14 Serpent. It's somewhere the Serpent's big sister and the next step in its evolution. Roughly 2 times the size it carries a larger amount of turrets, has extended cargo holding capabilities and is fully capable of planetary flight.


Available via Steam Workshop


Centurion Mk2 Corvette (Scale 2:1)


This Space Engineers build is derived from the Centurion-5 Assault Transport I'm creating for XWA. It is, unlike my other builds, a scaled-up version of the original model, measuring about a hundred meters. The ship is atmosphere-capable and also features a lockdown and internal defense system, during which all vital areas can be sealed off from the primary boarding airlock.


Available via Steam Workshop


An updated version is currently in progress.


Gamma-14 Serpent Gunship (Scale 1:1)


The Space Engineers port was my first ever release on the Steam Workshop. Analogous to the original model it's a gunship-type ship suitable for recon and moderate combat engagements. While not 100% atmosphere-ready it can yet navigate and land on low-gravity worlds.


Note to self: Rework that damn old thing!


Available via Steam Workshop


Small Grids

Dhilani Tha-12 Sentinel (Small Grid)


The Dhilani Sentinel is a light and agile atmospheric fighter used by the Dhilani Empire as a fast patrol craft or scout on occupied worlds. Its speed, agility and an armament consisting of 2 gattling guns and a pair of missile launchers make it an dangerous foe to face. Further more a forward mounted camera allow for precision aiming. This, combined with an array of underhull lights and seach lights enable it to be deployed for nighttime assaults as well.

Reactors and weapons can be refilled by a pair of access containers on top of the ship. All relevant features are linked to the hotbar so the ship is ready for combat.


Available via Steam Workshop


D22 Raptoad (Small Grid)


Kind of a random thing that resulted from me messing around.

The D-22 Raptoad is a light to medium recon fighter, armed with a pair of gattling guns and rocket launchers. It's capable of planetary flight and does handle quite nicely withinn a planets gravity. That's pretty much all there's to say about this one. Like I said, was just messing around.

The model is completely mod-free.


Available via Steam Workshop